Do I need to be an experienced Dungeons & Dragons player?

Absolutely not! We are open to experienced players and total beginners, as long as you enjoy playing the game. We ask experienced players to be understanding of players new to the game.

All the games on Meetup are full. I am just too late to sign up. How do I play?

Our games tend to fill up very fast. We recommend setting up your alerts in such a way that you get notified as soon as we post a game. Please consider setting up a (very loud and obnoxious) email alert for the Meetup notification emails and setting up notifications for the Meetup app. You also have a few other options: if you feel like trying the DM position, just set up your own event, and take the leading chair! It’s fun, we promise. If you only want to play as a player you can create an adventure suggestion (make it interesting!) and hope it gets picked up.

I want to try DM-ing but I haven’t done it before, can I still organize a meetup?

 Yes! We introduced some identification traits for DMs so that people know what they are signing up for experience level, playing style, and so on, so be sure to communicate this clearly to the organizers.

My style as DM is particular (e.g. “I love rules” VS “I focus on the storytelling more than on the rules”) and I’m not sure players would enjoy it: what should I do?

Make it clear with the organizers, so that they can add it to the event description. Every style is welcome, as long as players know what they are signing up for! This needs to be fun for everyone.

I want to become a DM for the East Marches. How do I sign up?

We will recruit new DMs for the East Marches every three months. We will ask you to DM some one-shots during this three month period to evaluate your performance.

I’m an experienced player/DM and I don’t want beginners in my team, can I restrict RSVP?

 No, we want to be open to beginners as much as possible. This might not be the group for you, sorry.

Can I restrict RSVP based on gender/race/religion/sexual orientation?

Not through our group. If you’re looking for safe spaces to play (e.g. women-only groups, or queer-only groups) feel free to contact the organizers, as they might be able to point you to other meetup groups!

I want to play a longer adventure, can I organize it through this meetup?

Yes - we have a section in our discord where you can advertise your campaign or offer to play in a longer campaign!

One of the players turned out to be a toxic person/rude/disrespectful/mean/racist/homophobic. What do I do?

Please report them to Peter A. on Meetup or Peter (Arestes) on Discord. We want our group to be a safe environment for anyone, with nice, respectful and enjoyable people. We will talk personally with all the parties involved and make a decision.

I have been removed/banned but I don’t know why. What do I do?

This should not happen. Organizers should have had a 1 on 1 conversation with you in case you have violated the few rules of basic human decency that are upheld in this meetup. Please contact the organizers, it was probably an accident.

The question I want to ask is not here! What do I do?

You can always ask the question on our Discord and if you do not get the answers you are looking for there, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..