The following gods are active in the East Marches. If you want to invent your own god or use a god from another setting for your character, you are allowed to do so after approval from your Dungeon Master before your first game using that god.


Arawynn is an imprisoned god of the Aeleff, in the Nightmare Realm. Due to being imprisoned after all these years, his true form has become unrecognizable and deranged.

Used to be a good god until imprisoned by jealous mobs for the gifts he gave the Aeleff but not the rest of the people of the land and bound to the nightmare realm which was previous her realm

  • Domain: Dreams
  • Symbol: Chains
  • Temple: Shrines can be found sporadically throughout the forest, surrounded by bright flowers and or mushrooms that can induce hallucinations.


A god that doesn’t show itself directly and thus has no clear description. Throughout the ages he is depicted as vaguely humanoid forms in the fury of nature.

  • Domain: Sun, war
  • Symbol: Three fiery red 'rays' coming down from one point, both representing the sunlight coming from the sky, and the spell Scorching Ray.
  • Nickname: The scorching ray
  • Temple: Willemsfield


When Azare presented herself to the world, her form is about 12 feet tall, extremely pale, long lavender hair, silver eyes, keeps herself wrapped up in her own giant pair of wings made from sparkling feathers of white, pale grey, blue and purple.

Azare, in truth, used to be a high member of the Winter Court, but always had a fascination with the material world, especially during winter. On one of those occasions, she happened upon a human village celebrating the solstice. Disguised as human, she entered. When they shared their meager harvests with her, she revealed her true form and rewarded them with plentiful harvests before winter for the rest of their lives. Ever since, she has been worshipped as Azare, though she still travels to the Fey Courts every now and then to sing.

  • Domain: The Hearth, joy
  • Symbol: A four-pointed star with a diamond in the middle, surrounded by 7 orbs in the colours of the rainbow
  • Temple: Willemsfield


Clawktha is indescribable. From being forgotten, people do not remember it, for it is all. Clawktha represents the passing of souls into a new life.

Once upon a time, a zealous inquisition of Nzatre has purged the followers and temples of Clawktha, for they believed that Nzatre was the end-all where the dead went to, whereas Clawktha teaches that the souls reincarnate, which implies that Nzatre does not have the power over death. Followers of Clawktha believed that the souls of the departed unknowingly and involuntarily are pass into a new life.

  • Domain: Reincarnation
  • Symbols: Seeds and maggots
  • Temple: Unknown


Drosan is an enigmatic god that revels in murder and torture… but not for the sake of the victim, rather because it corrupts the murderer/torturer. He is depicted as a cloaked figure, only the wicked smile is present.

  • Domain: Murder and Torture (physical and mental)
  • Symbol: A Spiked Wheel of bones and a skull in the center
  • Temple: The cult of Drosan venerates death. They do not have an organized temple but regularly meet in the house of their latest victim. There they paint their holy symbol with blood on the wall.


The god of beauty they often take the shape of a quatl when appearing to followers. They are patron to all those that strive for beauty and perfection; artists, gardeners, hairdressers, etc. Her Temples are always colorful and filled with beauty.

Her worshippers are not only working to add more beauty to the world but also keep existing beauty intact. They tend to gardens but also keep buildings looking good. It is often said that the layers of paint on the walls in a temple of Flosspia can be used to count the years 

  • Domain: Beauty, Aesthetics
  • Symbol: A rainbow
  • Temple: Willemsfield 


The patron of vampires and liches, his gaze shows that has seen the ages pass. He is worshipped by those that want to live at all costs. His rituals involve blood and the death of youngsters. 

  • Domain: Eternal life
  • Symbol: A snake eating its own tail, the head is young and vibrant while the tail is old and decrepit
  • Temple: Unknown


His avatar often takes the form of a dragon of impossible heritage or a Dragonborn of an even unlikely nature. He is often depicted as such a dragon lying on a hoard of books instead of gold.

  • Domain: Knowledge, magic, chaos, arcana
  • Nickname: The Arcanium
  • Symbol: Illyar is portrayed by an arcane runic circle, based on the symbol for fire. His followers will sometimes tag important notes in scrolls and books with the word 'inspire', or they draw a small flame in the sideline.
  • Temples: Brighthaven 


Iureva is a goddess often depicted as a woman with flowing clothing around her obscuring most of her form, reaching out with one hand to offer exactly what the subject of the depiction needs. Offerings to Iureva are usually gold or silver coins.

  • Domain: Power, wealth, greed
  • Symbol: An overflowing cornucopia held up by many gout figure’s
  • Temples: Kuth


He is depicted as a dwarf made of granite, all rough edges, hard corners and wearing an armor made of frost. While he does not care for civilization he often takes pity on those lost in his domain and in need.

  • Domain: mountains, snow/ice/cold weather, the rough wilds of mountains
  • Symbol: A mountain in a blizzard
  • Temple: If you are in the mountains and in dire need of a place to rest, do keep an eye out for a crack that doesn’t look quite right. These shrines are all straight angles with a central room with a statue of Jevantil. It always has a well-stocked pantry and firewood to spare in the side rooms. It is expected of travelers that use supplies that they leave an offering of equal or greater value so the priests can restock the emergency.


The temples of this god often double as banks or mints. These places are often lavishly decorated with the riches of the earth, with the actual altar is often a block of stone containing either a vein of gold or several gems. Khuzoin is depicted as a dwarf with rich robes and golden decorations in his beard.

  • Domain: Ore, gems, coin, wealth
  • Symbol: A gold bar being poured into its mold
  • Temple: Brighthaven


Both the god of actors and thieves this character is depicted differently depending on whose temple you stumble about. Their Temples are either hidden in plain sight or the most outlandish things around. They bless all those that work from shadows and earn their keep with trickery, both conmen and artists worship them.

  • Domain: Deception, performance, shadows, trickery
  • Symbol: A person making a gesture with one hand only to distract from the other.
  • Temple: Willemsfield


Kozran appears as a human man, bare-chested but with purple veins outlined over his neck, head, and arms. He has two bullhorns on his head. When in battle, his chestnut-colored hair turns into white-hot flames

Kozran is the opposite of Azare, who prefers joy and moderate fire in the hearth. He has therefore waged war against her. He is also known to be incredibly sensitive and fiery. The slightest humiliation can send him and his followers into a frenzy, which often leads to unending, wild unorganized rampages.

  • Domain: War, anger, wildfire.
  • Symbol: A flaming minotaur, a double-headed axe.
  • Temples: He is worshipped by raving hordes of barbarians, who make altars of skulls wherever they pillage. 


A god whose followers have embraced disease and rot and are trying hard to spread it. They are often riddled with blisters and pox marks yet somehow alive and functioning far beyond what their physical state would suggest. They give heed to the prayers of those on their deathbed and allow them to live only to spread the blessing further. They have a great fondness of creatures such as corpse flowers and rot trolls.

  • Domain: Disease, famine, tenacity, unending life
  • Nickname: The grandparent
  • Symbol: An ancient tree in a swamp, half-rotten but eternal throughout the ages
  • Temples: Cults to this god are found in places abound with plague and suffering. It is not quite clear if it follows them or they follow the plague. Shrines can also be found hidden in the basement of hospitals.


Mermellash is the goddess of Rivers, Life, and the light that is reflected on the water. She is good of heart and wants her followers to do only good deeds. She does not approve of hurting innocents or the good of heart. Her domain is the Life/Light domain.

There are multiple philosophies of prayer within the belief of Mermellash. All are legitimate. Some of her followers have discussed that the sparkle is a reflection of a perfect world that guides us in this world. Others rather say that it means that no second is the same as another (like a river) and that we always must strive to do good.

  • Domain: Rivers, inland waters
  • Symbol: The symbol of Mermellash is a wave with a sparkle. It represents the light that hits the water. Some also use a River of Life metaphor.
  • Temple: Adventurers' Rest


Meron has not made an actual appearance in the religious teachings. In depictions, they look like the most average person, in order to test those traveling the roads. 

  • Domain: Travelers
  • Symbol: 6-spaked wheel
  • Temples: Shrines to Meron are an ad-hoc affair. Travelers make little shrines to him along the roads and next to the door of inns. How they look greatly depends on the person that made it but they always depict a 6 spoked wheel. Some will have it painted others will have it carved from an object.


Mintae is always looking to help people progress. He controls the forges and protects the artisans.  

  • Domain: Progress, forge
  • Nickname: The Forge Father
  • Symbol: A forge hammer in flames. There are many iterations of this hammer, as every artisan tries to make it his own.
  • Temple: Brighthaven


Nzatre is the God of Afterlife and Respect for the Dead. He guides people to the next world and wants everyone to salute those who have fallen. He is not evil, but his alignment is between neutral and good. He is okay with resurrection, as long as there was a consenting contract before death. He knows that in the end, all souls will pass him anyway. He is against non-consenting resurrections though, like undead that are brought to life against their will.

  • Domain: Death, ultimate death, also legal necromancy
  • Symbol: A straight path going towards a horizon with a setting moon at the end
  • Temples: Willemsfield


Quellodine is the Goddess of Hunting and Survival and therefore she is often revered by a lot of adventurers and hunters. She both covers rangers and fuels the rage in a barbarian. She likes furs and sometimes she hunts in the form of a white wolf, her avatar.

  • Domain: The hunt, survival
  • Symbol: A bow and a barbed arrow, a howling dog
  • Temples: Shrines to the eternal hunter are found in the wild. They are built by hunters using the skull of their latest kill to honor the eternal hunter.


The god of entertainment and revels. Often worshipped by bards this god is all about the over the top performances. The followers of these gods are often found practicing arcana just to enhance their shows.

  • Domain: Entertainment, arcana, revels
  • Nickname: The Ambassador
  • Symbol: A brightly colored dancer
  • Temples: Willemsfield

The otter god of the river

This long-forgotten god is still honoured after its statue was found standing on the fork of the river in adventurer's rest. Where it still stands to this day. There are no active followers of this god although sometimes worshippers of Mermalesh make sure the statue still stands.

  • Domain: The river now called Mermaleshes' gift
  • Symbol: An otter
  • Temples: Adventurer’s rest


Often depicted as a dwarf clad in tarnished white, she takes care of the wounded and those in need but also protects those giving birth as those should never be alone. Shrines to this god are often found in hospitals and in the houses of midwives. She is also worshipped by those that collect herbs for medicinal purposes.

  • Domain: Healing, tradition, birth
  • Symbol: A white flower bush
  • Temples: Brighthaven one of the few buildings left standing from the city of hope. An ancient temple made out of white stone. 


Tirthin is the god of beginnings and possibility; of new life, fertility, but also the endless ocean. Most of his followers are couples that are praying for more offspring, but Tirthin also attracts those who wish to venture beyond the horizon to worlds unknown; for trade or adventure.

  • Domain: Sea, ocean, fertility
  • Symbol: A newborn with a beard bathed in a rough sea.
  • Temple: Tirthins shrine is at the coast east of Brighthaven. It is a hollowed-out 30-foot high statue of a hermaphrodite (male crotch, bare breasts, beard unkempt) kneeling in the sea vomiting. The seawater rises through the statue and is spilled back into the sea through the mouth, sparkling with glitter.


Xille is, in truth, the first dryad to have ever been seen by humans. So awestruck were they that they decided to revere this creature. From that point out, her influence over plantlife grew outside her own tree, to the entire forest.

  • Domain: Forest, plantlife, symbol
  • Symbol: Wildly growing flowers with thorns
  • Temples: A ruin close to Adventurer’s Rest, overgrown with plant life, where dryads, sprites, satyrs, and other fey come to hang out.