The following rules are an addition to our code of conduct and only apply to East Marches games.

Requesting a game

East Marches adventures are driven by you, the players:

  • Any player that has played at least one EM game can make an adventure request in the designated channel on our Discord.
  • If you make an adventure request based on events in a previous one-shot, please discuss your request with your previous group. If there is disagreement on who to include, please make an open adventure request so everyone has a chance to sign up for it.
  • You can include one other player in your adventure request.

Character Creation

Participating in the Brighthaven East Marches is easy.

  • A character starts at level 1 by default.
  • You can have more than one character, but they will all be considered different: different levels, different tokens, different equipment. Your characters can’t “trade” with each other.

You can create characters using content from:

  • Player’s Handbook
  • Xanathar’s guide to Everything
  • Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything
  • Volo’s Guide to monsters
  • Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes
  • Elemental Evil Player's Companion
  • The Sword Coast Adventurers’ Guide
  • The Tortle Package

The exceptions to the above are:

  • Any races with a permanent flying speed (e.g. Aarakocra)
  • The "Customizing your Origin" options on page 7-8 of Tasha's Cauldron of Everything

Please create your character using the following rules:

  • Point buy (page 13 on the Player’s Handbook, variant: customizing ability scores)
  • Don’t roll for hit points, just take the average (so people are equal in HP totals)
  • Take the standard equipment as listed in your characters' background.

Leveling your character

Now you have a character. How will it gain levels?

  • Every time you play an East Marches one-shot, you get a “token”, which represents your XP. Tokens are imaginary objects that need to be collected in order to level up.
  • You also get a token for each one-shot you lead as a Dungeon Master (both EM games and non-EM games).
  • With these tokens you will be able to gain new levels:
    • from level 1-3, you need one token to level up;
    • from level 3 to 9, 2 tokens;
    • from level 9 to 14, 3 tokens;
    • from level 14 to 20, 4 tokens.
  • If you want to slow down your levels, you can just not use the tokens you have, and just hang around on your preferred level until you feel like leveling up. We only have one rule: you have to play at least one game at every level.

As your character first reaches a level where there is an Ability Score Improvement (ASI) you can change any choice you made in previous ASI’s, such as ability score improvements and feats. On top of that, you may also change any proficiencies you chose when you created your character and your subclass. As these changes represent sudden and dramatic changes in your character, please make these changes in consultation with the DM of your next game.

Your characters’ death

The East Marches and the lands surrounding it are full of unexpected dangers. However powerful you are, death is lurking around every corner.

  • Resurrection is possible in this universe only during the game where the character dies.
  • If a character is not resurrected: the character remains dead and you can create a new character according to the rules below.
  • In case your character dies at level N, you can make a new character of level N-2. You receive 100 gold for each level of your new character.
  • You can also choose to retire your character. You will not be able to play with that character again. In case your character retires at level N, you can make a new character of level N-2. You receive 100 gold for each level of your new character.

Buying Items

Adventurers need their fresh rations, their brightly coloured potions, their adventuring equipment and their fighting gear.

  • If you want to buy an item, you can ask your DM prior to the game. They can allow you to shop before your adventure starts.
  • Potions, magic items, spells and spell components with a gold cost listed in the spell description are available for purchase in Brighthaven. Please see the Shopping page for details.
  • Spell components without a gold cost listed in the spell description and diamonds are not for sale in the East Marches, they can only be acquired during your adventures. If you are looking for something specific, please let your DM know beforehand.


Wild and enigmatic are the powers of magic. Players should know their magic powers might behave differently in the world of the East Marches

  • The following spells are not allowed in the East Marches: Gate, Simulacrum, Clone, Magic Jar, Plane Shift, Dream of the Blue Veil
  • In order to prevent adventure-breaking events, certain spells may be restricted or changed: wish, teleport, teleportation circle may function differently, which is up to the DM's discretion.
  • If your spell is in the list above or you suspect your spells might provide problems in the East Marches check with the DM before the game starts. The DM can let you know before the session what the spells’ effects might be during play.

The Council

The “Council” is just a fancy term used to define a limited set of people that have ownership of the East Marches universe.

  • The Council has ultimate decision powers on matters that regard the entire community: defining the rules, resolving disputes, creating and maintaining the East Marches Universe, and deciding who are the DMs for this community.
  • The council also reserves the right to reverse (or retcon) any events that took place during East Marches games, including revoking or changing items or rewards that were handed out.

Follow up games

D&D is unpredictable, and sometimes it’s not possible for a DM to finish their story in a single session. If a game runs over time and can’t be wrapped up early a follow up session can be arranged by the DM. This is the only type of game that doesn't have to be posted on meetup. Keep in mind it is always up to the DM if they run a follow up, and a DM is free to not do a follow up and just let the game end in a failure state. The rules for your character if a follow up occurs are as follows:

  • While the game is not resolved you cannot sign the character in that game up for new games until it is resolved.
  • You only get rewarded (em token/gold/gear) as if the one shot and the follow up where 1 game
  • Your character starts the follow up game with the exact same stats, gear, hp, spell slots, etc as you ended the original game with.


Some rules resist being categorized but are still cherished and appreciated. Rules are a bit like people in this regard!

  • You are the ‘keeper’ of your character: their equipment, treasure, character sheet, and tokens are your responsibility as a player.
  • You can only play one character during a session.
  • There is no downtime in the East Marches. Hence there are no downtime activities and crafting is not allowed during downtime.
  • Crafting is allowed during a session, for example through Alchemy Tools (Alchemist’s Fire, standard healing potions) or Herbalism Kit (standard healing potions).
  • If you send a short (but well written!) writeup of the adventure that you just played to the discord channels or the admins to be published as a blog post here, your character will get Inspiration in their next game!