**** Encoded message

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**** Decrypted message

Dear Reddlepop,

To help our mutual cause I am letting you know Brighthavens Adventurers’ Guild is aware of some of our plans. They apparently abducted four agents from the Transmuters’ Conference. They also recruited a certain Dr. Alekto and took him to Brighthaven.

They seem to have the following information:

- They know your Dukes' army is planning to liberate the East marches and lift Brighthaven out of its pool of misery and finally civilize it.

- They suspect you, my dear, are running intelligence, sabotage and disinformation campaigns. I fear for your safety. Please look after yourself. I would very much like to converse with you again.

- They assume Ninoslav Rada and Captain Elmon Giltleaf are leading the operation. They do not seem to know anything else.

More importantly, they have obtained our codebooks and cypher and will be able to read our communications. Please send a new cypher and codebook with your next communication.

I hope this message reaches you safely. The rat man you sent seems itchy.

Your dedicated servant,