With the pirate threat eliminated, our merchants can rest easy as their supply lines have been safeguarded. However, there is no opportunity for adventurers to rest easy. There seems to be an unusually large amount of traffic going from the empire to Kuth. There are even reports of skirmishes along the border. We ask you all to be vigilant about the comings and goings of these figures for there is no telling what they are up to and what their plan is.

We also have some good news, the warehouse near the docks finally has a new purpose. We welcome the newest member of the merchants guild Rodrick deGrijs. He has set up a shop and is selling fabulous evening wear but also some magical pieces of clothing to enhance your evening. 

Imperial Bazaar

Welcome to the Imperial Bazaar, the finest shop for all your fancy outfits, trinkets, and all that you’ll want to wear when going to a party. My name is Rodrick deGrijs, here at your service!

The shop is a large warehouse with beautifully decorated rugs, banners, and stalls of different sorts of clothing.

Rodrick deGrijs

The Shopkeeper is Rodrick deGrijs A human of tall stature with a bulky frame, a bald, equally bulky head, but usually wearing the fanciest clothing one can find. He is incredibly well-spoken and can be rather sarcastic when it comes to dealing with customers, which is a privilege he can allow himself, seeing as he is a salesman of the finest clothing. He frequently enjoys drinking fine wine, even when on duty (although he has a recipe for alcohol-free wine, which very few people know about). With him, he carries a Cane of the Starlord, a beautifully ornate cane with a crystal ball on the top of it.

Monocle of secrets (250 gp)

Wondrous Item, uncommon, requires attunement

This monocle allows the wielder to peer into the psyché of any humanoid it can see. As an action, you can target a humanoid within 10 feet of you and force him to make a Charisma Saving Throw (DC=13). On a fail, the wielder learns a secret randomly determined by the DM of that humanoid. The target doesn’t know that the wielder attempts this. Once this ability has been used, it cannot be used again unless the wielder finishes a long rest.

Gloves of light touch(500 gp)

Wondrous Item, Uncommon, Requires attunement

These light gloves bless the wielder with swift fingers. Upon attuning to these gloves, the carrier becomes proficient in Sleight of Hand, if they’re not already so. 

Cape of billowing (100 gp)

Wondrous Item, common.

You can use an action to speak a command word, upon which the cape will billow dramatically.

Cane of the Starlord (750 gp)

Wondrous Item, Uncommon, Requires Attunement

This cane with a crystal ball by the end of it that can serve as an Arcane Focus. When attuned to it, the wielder learns and can use the thaumaturgy cantrip. It can also use its action to cast Compelled dance duel (DC=13) once a day. If the target fails the DC they will continue the dance-off with the caster for as long as the caster is dancing up to 1 minute. If the target takes damage the spell ends. If the caster loses concentration on the spell the spell ends. Once this ability has been used, it cannot be used again unless the wielder finishes a long rest.