How are you all doing during these strange times? I know life has been throwing some of us curveballs as of late – schools close and open again, people fall ill or their spouses and kids do, new houses, new work, new ways of playing D&D remotely, new rules, new dungeon masters.

I for one hope we can return to ‘normalcy’ very soon and have players at my table again! And a freshly drafted beer. On a terrace. In the sun. Oh wait …. did I just say that out loud?


Anyway, we really want to know how you are doing? Could you please fill in this questionnaire? Since we have implemented quite a large number of changes in the past months, we want to know how everyone is feeling and what your wishes and desires are.

New council members

Please help me welcome @Surnaina and @Dave to the council! We are very happy they are offering to donate their valuable time helping us run this group.  

Rules update

We want our players to feel free to experiment with their character builds. As such, we would like to make the following rules change: 

As your character first reaches a level where there is an Ability Score Improvement (ASI) you can change any choice you made in previous ASI’s, such as ability score improvements and feats. On top of that you may also change any proficiencies you choose, and your subclass. As these changes represent sudden and dramatic changes in your character, please make these changes in consultation with the DM of your next game.

New Season

You have all done an outstanding job keeping the Empire at bay! A large part of Captain Elmon’s army has been buried beneath rocks and rubble as they have been caught drilling a tunnel underneath the Krestmar Peaks, the villainous church of Iureva has been weakened considerably and Reddlepop has been taken to Brighthaven to stand trial for her crimes only to be deemed immune to prosecution and set free. But … we can safely say that the empire will not dream of invading our precious East Marches again.

Now for the next season… 

Something is very very wrong in the Great Woods up North. Some adventurers that have entered the woods have not returned. Those that did return refuse to go back. They are saying the game that used to be abundant now is nowhere to be found. They are talking of encounters with beings … not from this plane. Because of this Adventure's rest is a town under siege. They are boarding up their houses at night and trying to make it to morning. Soothsayers are professing that these creatures will come and obliterate Adventurer’s rest on the day of the eclipse, four score nights from now. 

We need brave adventurers to venture fort and figure out what is going on in the woods. Would you please help us?

Save the date for the new end of season event: 26-06/27-06