Today is a good day!! But before I tell you why first a few small announcements. (I am curious to know how many scroll down right away hahaha).

Monthly Meetup

The curfew is affecting all of us. We are setting up another Monthly Meetup on Saturday February 6th at 20.00 to meet online and talk about Dungeons and Dragons, RPGs, Critical Role and games in general! Bring your own drinks and snacks. Find the meetup here!

Consecutive One-shots

You can now play in two consecutive one-shots. Since we have over 10 one-shots every month for almost a year now (and 19! this month), we feel this old rule is ready to be changed. Of course, the 48h waiting period for any game after your first two games still applies.

New East Marches map and website

So, today is a good day! I am very happy to announce to @everyone that we have a new Amsterdam D&D One-shots website and a new map for the East Marches. Thanks to the amazing work done by the website organizers, input from our East Marches DMs and of course the hard work of the Councilors. What we have managed put online is the result of a major overhaul and revision of all the official sources of our group: the pantheon, the shops, seasons, the rules, the new map, the DM guide etc.. 

We are very happy with the result! Now of course we are open to any suggestion you might have and we would love to hear from you if you encounter issues or bugs. Feel free to approach me or any of the website organizers.

This also means all the old sources will be redirected to our new site. This includes the amazing player run wiki at It will be taken offline 14 days from today. On behalf of Martijn, if you are using the wiki for your own notes and reports, please copy and archive what you need between now and February 8th.

I will not keep you any longer. Go explore!

(Oh wait. You are alr...)