Today we mark the beginning of a new year. I hope 2021 may be the year that we return to something that resembles normalcy: parties, going out for a movie and diner, at-the-table play and offline meetups for our group. That would be SO very welcome. I. Cannot. Wait.

Meanwhile, I am happy to say that our little group is in excellent shape. We grew our membership considerably the past few months. We have set up 12 games per month on average - which is incredible. We had a very cool first end-of-season event organized by Tim and to top it off we have a Christmas themed painting contest organized by Kjell.

So. What is new in 2021?

New Dungeon Masters

We have completed the auditions for new dungeons masters in the East Marches. During the process we evaluated their talent for creating fun sessions, making people feel safe, giving every player a moment to shine, creating challenging encounters and immersive stories. They truly exceeded our expectations by ALL qualifying to be part of the EM DM team. 

So … please join me in welcoming to the East Marches DM team: Mick, Hans, Morgane, Alex, Jamie and Dave! May 2021 bring all of you many exciting DnD moments with these young talents at the helm! 

Note: If you yourself are interested in DMing in the East Marches, please send a message to @Sandro before January 8th! We will have another round of auditions this season.

Spell components now available

We have decided to make spellcasting components (that have a gold value attached to them) available for sale in the magic items shop. This will make life easier for high-level spell casters. If you want to buy these components, please announce this to your DM before your game starts. We want to make one important exception to this new rule: diamonds. Diamonds are used for resurrection spells. Since we feel death should be a serious and credible threat we want to prevent the stockpiling of diamonds.

So we have decided to start making small diamonds available to any characters that can cast Revivify (300 GP worth of diamonds) through a special adventure. Please take note of the following confidential Brighthaven council memorandum on the topic. 

“Memorandum 241 - FOR YOUR EYES ONLY - We have received reports through the Adventurers Guild that a source for diamonds has been located in one of the most perilous regions of the realm. Our clergy could use some of these gems. I think it is too dangerous to ask one of our operatives to go and retrieve some, but if some of the daredevils in the Adventurers Guild chose to volunteer … I will not stop them. -Largo”

Rule change

Characters die or retire. As you know, in case your character dies or retires at level N, you can make a new character of level N-2. We have changed the following: from now on your new character will start with 100*level in gold. Meaning that if you retire your level 9 character your new character can be level 7 with 700 starting gold. This so you can properly equip your character for the dangers ahead.


The council is also very happy to share that the long hours of research and study from Azikalis the wizard have paid off. He has been tirelessly studying in the library and going over ancient scrolls to gather all the information he could on the gods of the East Marches. As his research is deemed important it can be accessed by everybody who is interested in the library: Pantheon