Make yourself a cup of hot spiced wine (or fermented goats milk) and take a seat: this announcement tried to be short but failed ;)

The survey

First, some short talking points based on the survey:

- You seem to really like meeting each other in games and events - it is a big part of the experience here. To facilitate this, we are setting up a new Online Monthly Meetup starting this month, on Friday October 30th, for people to meet each other and just hang out. Come join us! Since it is the Halloween weekend costumes and cosplay are encouraged!

- You also feel there are not enough games. In an effort to scale up the amount games for the East Marches specifically, we are recruiting new East Marches DM’s starting today. We would like to ask you all to participate in the upcoming “audition one-shots” as much as you can - it will enable us to find the best candidates for the East Marches going forward. You have indicated you are really happy with the quality of DMs in the D&D One Shots group and we would like it to stay that way!

- We want to take some time to rethink the rules for signing up for games. A lot of our players say that the flexibility and ad hoc nature of signing up for games is the reason they are part of our group. However, there is also a large group that feels the seats at the table are not distributed fairly - they see there is a small group of players that plays a lot of games. We feel there is merit to both statements. If you have strong opinions on this subject, now would be a great time to share your thoughts with us.


With this out of the way it is time for our main topic for today …. drumroll.  …. The East Marches themselves. But before I tell you exactly what will happen, let me give you some context first.

As we took over as council, our main question was: how to scale up the operations for the group (run more games) while keeping our DMs and contributing members happy and active for a long time? We boiled it down to three bullets:

- We want to let DMs do what they do best: run games at the table. 

- We want it to be easy to onboard new DMs and players into this world, and not force them to read and memorize many pages of lore.

- We want the world to feel whole and the characters living in it to feel connected; two players that have never played together at the table should have still have lots to talk about since their characters live in the same world.

The way the East Marches was set up behind the screens it would be very difficult to achieve this. So we decided to introduce some new features to the East Marches and try to get closer to our ideal state:

- We are introducing seasons. A season is a worldwide event or theme that reverberates throughout most East Marches games in some way or another. We will introduce a new season every 3 months.

- This also means that information that is discovered by characters during one adventure could be relevant for characters in another adventure. We actively encourage players to share information through adventure reports (remember, adventure reports grant you inspiration in your next adventure!) and in conversation in the Tavern Talk channel.

- There are four places that are officially documented for all DMs and players: Brighthaven, Adventurers Rest, Willemsfield and Kuth. They will be featured in much detail on the new (soon!) website. They can also be used as starting and endpoints for adventures to reduce travel time.

Now, this is an experiment. We will be monitoring the first two seasons very closely to see how everyone engages with it, how much conversation it sparks and if it just generally makes playing and organizing games more fun. If you have strong opinions on the subject, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. If you are interested with helping us create a season, please reach out to Tim or me!


Without further ado, the first season theme, created by Tim:

“Brighthaven’s wealth has been growing over the last couple of years. It has used its strategic position to ship produce from Willemsfield and rare herbs from Adventurer's Rest to the rest of the world. However … where there is coin to be made there is coin to be stolen. Black sails have been spotted on the horizon. And that ... can mean only one thing.”

Thanks to our new organizers

One last point: - I would like to thank Deniz, Hans and Joyce for stepping forward and offering to help me create a new website. I would like to thank Nikki, Kjell and Joyce (again!) for offering to create art for the community. And last but certainly not least, many thanks to Morgane, Jamie, Karin and Jonathan for helping out with Meetup administration behind the scenes!

That was it! I hope you all will have a lot of fun playing this month! Yarrrrrr