The council has disbanded. A new council of three will take over. We are Sandro, Peter and Tim.

We would like to start by recognizing the amazing work the council has done in the past years. They have built an incredible world that has sparked the imagination of hundreds of people. And through playing and meeting, step by step, one game at a time, the council and their DMs have built a welcoming and open-minded community - a community we are all proud to be part of. 

There are no words that can express the debt of gratitude present and future EM players and organizers owe the council for founding and creating our world. But … maybe an honorary title will do it! We hereby award the previous council members the title “Builder of Brighthaven” as a token of our appreciation.

So. What will the new council do?

First, we want to keep the magic sauce of our community intact. That is you. Our enthusiastic players. Our resourceful DMs. Your mindset, creativity, craftiness, open-mindedness, rule lawyering, edge-lording, and humor is what make this community. We will do everything to keep the current spirit alive. We are looking into reinvigorating the Monthly Meetup for this purpose - either online or offline.

Second, we want to make it easy to play and easy to contribute. We believe there is a lot of potential in our community and we want to tap into it.

- We will approach you (yes, you) to ask you to contribute to the organization of the East Marches. Even the donation of a few hours of your time can mean a lot to our group. We will be looking for world builders, event organizers, website builders, Instagram enthusiasts, artists and experienced DMs.

- We have created one place where all the up to date rules can be referenced. 

- We will lower the barrier to entry for new East Marches DMs. We ask anyone that would like to become an East Marches DM to step forward and message Sandro. We will use the last three months of this year to evaluate any candidates and create an onboarding process that is smooth and comfortable.

- Please welcome Tim (YsmaStargazer), Surnaina and Thomas (Dart) as new EM DMs. We are very happy we found them eager to create more amazing games for you!

- We will make some changes to our world-building process to create a more interconnected world for players to adventure in and talk about, while eliminating the need for administrative tasks for our DMs. We will tell you more about this in our monthly update on October 1st.

Third, we want to set an example by showing quick decision making and transparency. We have a council meeting at least once a month. On the 1st of every month we will update you on any discussions we had, decisions we made, survey results etc. etc.

Within the council we have distributed our tasks as follows:

- Sandro will organize the DMs, the Discord and the Monthly Meetups. So if you have any questions regarding becoming a DM, a moderator, or if you want to help organize a Monthly Meetup, please contact Sandro.

- Tim is in charge of World Building, the rules and the various shops in Brighthaven (yes, they really have staff ;). Tim will be mostly working with EM DMs. If you have any ideas for events in the East Marches universe, feel free to contact him.

- Peter is responsible for all communications, the Meetup and the Website. Peter needs a lot of help to create a new website and art for the community. So artists and web builders - please reach out!

That is it for now! We are very much looking forward to help making our cute & badass community grow and thrive. Feel free to approach us and ask us any question you like!