//Churm stuffs his pipe and blows some smoke rings.//

Okay, so me, Darragh, Lucas, Callie and Narash got send by the guild to Kuth to help them out with a bandit problem. They warned us that things might not be as it seems. But we ignored that advice.

So we went over to Kuth, a nice little town. They seem to love wolves for some reason, as there were many flags flying with wolves on. We met with Kedana, who seems to be leading the Clergy of Iureva. She made us sign a contract and promised 75g for every bandit we could catch alive, 25g when dead and nothing at all when and major parts went missing. We signed the contract, most of us not reading much of it. Too many fancy words anyway.

We set out east where they were thought to have a hideout in an abandoned fortress. We arrived there after a mostly uneventful journey. Lucas sent out his bird to scout the camp, but it was detected and shot down. We rested a bit so Lucas could summon a new bird. Our rest was brutally interrupted when our cat friend Callie came crashing down from her hideout in a tree. I learned that cats do not always land on their feet. Anyway, we were spotted by bandit scouts, who took a shot at Callie. After a short but fierce battle, they saw we had the upper hand and they cowardly ran off. We didn’t waste our energy chasing them. We decided to rest and heal up until nightfall and attempt a nighttime assault. Luckily nothing too eventful happened while we rested.

//Churm rubs the bandages around his head and winces.//

Under the cover of night, we scaled the rockface next to the fortress and made an airdrop into the middle of the camp, ending in perfect 3-point landings. Alas, no one was there to witness this spectacle, as the camp was deserted. There was not much left, except some wine barrels, marked with Dimitri Skylar, and some very well marinated corpses next to them.

//Churm takes a sip of his wine and pauses for a short time.//

In the back of the fortress, we found a cave, with a small harmless trap, living quarters, and a cage, with two also well-marinated but very much alive men in it. We freed them and they told us the bandits left. Which of cause we already knew. There was also a door that we could open with various gems we found. When the door was opened with one gem, the door opened to a cave with very friendly and harmless mimics. The other gem opened the same door to a similar-looking cave with chests, but no mimics this time just some very old and useless junk.

While rummaging through the Fortress a very pale elf-like lady walked in on us. She introduced herself as Xavis’Za and she agreed to join us, as she had unfinished business with the bandit leader.

We followed their trail and found their new camp. We discussed tactics and decided to split the party, cause that’s what you do when facing overwhelming opposition. One half climbed the rockface to the camp, the other half went via the walkway. This plan went sour quite quickly when someone was not as stealthy as we hoped. We fought a brave fight and managed to get the upper hand in the end, losing only Darragh. The pale lady finished the boss and performed some ritual on his lifeless body. Ugh..

Narash went after some bandits that managed to escape with a cart laden with treasure. When Narash caught up to them they triggered an avalanche nearly killing Narash, but Callie went after him when he didn’t return and managed to rescue him.

Meanwhile, we were questioning the prisoners. They told a convincing story about the clergy of Iuriva rounding up criminals and such, to bring to the empire for some vile ritual.

Suddenly I remembered the warning the guild gave us and I got the suspicion that they could be telling the truth. I convinced the others that it would not be ethical to hand these prisoners over to Kuth where they could face a horrific fate.

We brought the prisoners back to Brighthaven to let the guild decide their fate. And maybe they can give us more information on what is happening in Kuth. Also, because we broke the contract with the Clergy of Iuriva, we might have made it very difficult to return there.

Oh, before I forget. Darragh turned out not to be too dead in the end. He came by again, but one of his ugly hands turned into an ugly blade. Not sure what that is about. Must be a Kobolt thing I guess.

//Churm puffs on his pipe again and stares into the stars.//





Darragh, Lucas, Callie, Narash and Churm