"Dear mum, First of all, I have a question, and maybe it gets answered by the time you'll receive this, but what does Spunky mean??

Like, it's a word that humans younger than me know, apparently, but I have never heard of it, maybe it is a human thing only! Anyway... I went on this journey with a couple of people again. There was a town where people had stopped contacting the city completely, and they thought it had something to do with a crypt nearby (why people bury others underground like that, I'll never know! It's so bad for the skin!)

So we went, with people I talked about last time as well. This... well I don't wanna say old, cause he's still younger than me technically, but this old guy Arestes, the one with the snakes, Toca, who's helping the RfM movement and also my bestie, and also this guy Darragh, a kobold, but much more flamboyant (who's got a fucking strange hand now!) and Sylvar, a sort of swishy swashy knight guy, who may or may not be accidentally evil (He worships a guy called Asmodeus, Toca told me that's basically a devil).

Anyway, we went towards this bridge over a river and there was this guy there, called Estroza, who had all these bandages on him. He was all like 'are you guys Spunky people?" and I had no idea what that meant, but Arestes apparently did, so he was like 'hell yeah, we're spunky'. The guy was then like 'oh, I'll think about letting you in, I'll get back to you tomorrow' (this was very close to the village, so it was really important we'd get in). Toca thought it'd be stupid to wait, cause if he didn't wanna let us in, then we'd have wasted on day.

I told them how my uncle would turn into a bear and then I ride on his back, so Toca said maybe Arestes could do that, and he turned into a vulture, carrying us over the river! So we got into the land where the village was, and we scouted it a bit. At some point we heard a little girl cry, so we went to check it out. I decided to go sneak about a bit, to see if there's any danger, which there wasn't.... or so I thought! When people got closer and tried to comfort the little girl, this fucking Estroza guy came up again and started laughing in a really weird way, like "A' a' a' ".

The girl had tricked us so, uh..... I kinda went in to dropkick her, but then everyone started falling into a hole! It was kinda funny, but also kinda sad, but thankfully no one got really hurt. Anyway, we went on and then there were 4 more Estroza's! it was like, really weird! We kicked the crap out of them as well, but they just disappeared! So eventually we found this tomb, finally, and we tried to investigate it. there were fresh corpses there! I hated it!

When we went inside though, there was nothing for a while, but then suddenly there was this room and it had all these illusory tiles and walls! Another room then had, I think 5 more Estroza's who said that we definitely were Spunky people. I got really annoyed at this point, cause it felt like an inside joke! Sylvar did something, and I felt like I could run a thousand meters in a second suddenly! So we beat the crap out of him again. This time, I must say, I didn't feel too bad about killing this guy, he had such bad vibes! Sylvar got teleported up a few times, and also he has these skeletal wings, though he thinks he's got like really pretty shiny ones. I think it crushed him when he found out he didn't..... I wanted to make him feel better by offering to teach him how to land on your feet when you fall, but I'm not sure it worked....

Anyway, I got a whole bunch more gold for the RfM movement!




Arestes, Darragh, Phyr, Sylvar, Toca