The Adventurers Guild was called upon by Lady Emberbluff to solve a mysterious murder of one of her guests that evening, General Highscout. The party of adventurers arrived swiftly after they received the call at the well-guarded and closed-off mansion. They were welcomed by Lady Emberbluff who explained what happened from her point of view and introduced her guests that evening: Mrs. White, Baron Faux, Lord Dier, Sir Gen and the Chef. After intense interrogation of the guests, the party learned the complex relationships between them and the possible motives for murdering the General.
Looking through the books and papers in the study, Faelyn found a report from General Highscout to the Emberbluffs describing a group of Fire Genasi who were seen at a volcano on the Krestmar Peaks. It also talked about a way to reach the Elemental Plane of Fire. Faelyn looked very intrigued by this report and took it with her. After learning about the relationships between the attendees the party searched the rooms for clues. A parcel received by Lady Emberbluff and gifted by one of her invitees seemed to have brought the culprit inside the mansion.
The party's search intensified and let to a duplicate book which felt way heavier than the original. Using a flame near it, made the book change and show it’s real face. A Vampiric Snaggletooth Mimic attacked Faelyn. but the party was well prepared for this battle. Griaa slowed the mimic down multiple times when it tried to escape and Vamazz eventually succeeded in making fall asleep! This gave the rest of the party enough time to easily kill the creature. Inspecting the dead Mimic resulted in finding the three letters AvS. While we found out who killed the General and our suspect (sir Gen) admitted his role, the three letters left us puzzled. Bringing the abbreviation back to the Adventures Guild we learned it meant Agneta von Stein. We solved the murder, but it resulted in an even bigger mystery...
Griaa, Vamazz, Faelyn and Durk