Five adventurers gathered in an inn and some of them already met previously, but most learned more about each other on the way to their quest giver. On the road there was some commotion and during the night Thoragok heard some rustling leaves, but whatever there was decided to not bother the adventurers. Uggrok blasted a hole in his own tent, which was fixed by Rhuna.

The adventurers were hired by a nobleman who wanted them to escort his daughter to a party of sorts. At the mansion, the party met Brittany, a 16-year-old noble girl with blond hair and she was wearing a fancy white dress. Her best friend Sarah found her prince charming at a previous event that is called the Binder Event.

While escorting Brittany in her carriage to the event, the adventures came across a group of bandits. Thoragok & Uggrok walked up to the bandits, the rest stayed more in the back. The bandits surrounded Uggrok, tried to hurt him, but the orc hardly felt a thing. So they threw a net on him, but the orc still smashed two bandits down with ease. Flairy & Rhuna stayed near the carriage, protecting the client. Thoragok & Griaa went in and smacked the remaining bandits down. The last one was running away, but Uggrok ran after the bandit and dragged him back. The bandits were just trying to make some coin, so the party knocked him out and left the bandit tied to a tree in the middle of the forest.

At the events, Britanny made her grand entrance. Griaa and Thoragok pushed the crowd away with their presence, Rhuna dismantled her goggles of the night to make an object that made beautiful music, Flairy was more pleasing to the eyes than the others so he was standing next to Britney when she entered and Uggrok conjured up illusionary flowers that followed Brittany around.

The event was set up as a speed dating event. Brittany had to attend 12 dates with different men that had signed up. The party started to spread out. Uggrok was guarding the front door, Thoragok played some games with a dwarf who was also the cook of the event. Rhuna acted as a personal friend of Brittany and they discussed as girls do about what they want in a man. Flairy was the lookout on the other side of the room. Griaa positioned himself at the bar, making sure that he was near Rhuna in case she needed help with Brittany.

During the first round of four dates, Brittany had a lovely date with who was her perfect prince charming who was a good-looking nobleman. She could not stop giggling during and after the date. Between every round there was a break, after the first break nothing really happened. No one was personally escorting Brittany during that time. 

When the second round started, Thoragok and Uggrok started to patrol around the building and they found a corpse of one of the participants. Of course dumb & dumber where on the case. It was a younger, poor farm boy. They kicked the corpse twice, one time in the crotch, to make sure that it was dead. They signaled Flairy & Griaa to come with them and they investigated what happened. Flairy found out that there was a fungus growing out of the head of the boy. They put a blanket over the corpse. 

The event went on and during the second round Brittany had a lovely conversation with a fat man with a tophat named Morel Biceps. Griaa, Flairy and Thoragok decided to investigate the break area, while Uggrok stayed to guard the corpse. During their investigation, they found nothing and Thoragok broke one of the doors of the bathroom stalls. Making it unusable, unless you don’t care about privacy.

During the second break Uggrok & Thoragok guarded the corpse, making sure that no one went near it. Flairy went back in and updated Rhuna about what happened. Brittany talked with Rhuna and it seemed like she totally forgot that her prince charming even existed. Griaa spotted the fat man exiting one of the two remaining bathroom stalls with a door and he had a wet foot of sorts. Griaa went back in to support Rhuna to make sure Brittany was safe. Uggrok stayed near the corpse and guarded the back entrance, Thoragok stayed near the side entrance.

During the third and last round, Brittany had a date with an older and grizzly-looking noble named Deckard. He had a nasty scar over one of his eyes and was a bit of a sleazeball. He only had eyes for Brittany during the previous rounds. Brittany was not interested but kept a civil conversation with this man. Deckard was displeased by this, at this time Rhuna spotted a few of the participants and also Brittany, were moving at a much slower pace than normal. At the end of the third round, the dwarf cook went out to inform the townguard of the dead participant and asked the party to keep everybody inside.

The party blocked all entrances, Flairy went back to investigate the dead body. The fat man waved his hands, a few of the participants rose up and looked at Griaa and Rhuna who were blocking the door. Griaa talked to the man, it appears that all that man wanted is to protect the nearby forest. He lives there and wants to show everybody the path to a better world.

During that time, the fungus had started to grow all over the dead farm boy. Flairy saw that the body twitched and Uggrok conjured a campfire underneath the body. Flairy was punched in the face by the now newly animated body of the farmboy. A fight broke out, when people heard the commotion the fat man ordered the other participants who he had under his control to attack. He used spores of some sort to attack and to order the people around.

Rhuna and Thoragok were grabbed by the mob, Griaa stood tall and held them off. The fatman ordered Brittany to come with him and she went with him willingly. She had a large smile on her face and nodded to all his requests. Flairy was busy with the mutated fungus body of the farm boy and Uggrok broke a window as he jumped into the bar. 

A second man with fungus like abilities approached, while Rhuna was knocked out by the fatman and Griaa helped her up again. Thoragok was overwhelmed by the many commoners who held him down and he could not escape the group grapple. The fatman ordered the commoners to clear a path, but Uggrok grabbed Brittany and pulled her away against her will. Rhuna was also hypoticed by the spores of the fatman and she started to attack Griaan for a brief moment, but managed to break free from the hypnosis. 

Flairy managed to kill the mutated farmboy and jumped in. The second man with spore abilities entered the room, knocking out Flairy. Thoragok ran in, took quite a few hits from the second man and then he got hit in the head by one of the commoners. He went down and bumped his head quite hard. Uggrok was raging and was tired of dragging Brittany around, she kept trying to punch him. He then decided to drag her to one of the side rooms and knocked her out with a punch. Griaa killed the fat man and the party flanked the second man from all sides. Griaa took his longsword and cut the second man down with one fell swoop (natural 20, 39 damage). Rhuna casted spare the dying on Flairy and Uggrok used his medicine kit while raging on Thoragok so that they would not bleed out. 

At the end no one of the commoners died and they woke up from their hypnotized state. Brittany and prince charming had another date (2 hours alone time) and they were both really happy in the end. The party safely escorted Brittany back and got their promised gold for finishing the job.




Griaa, Flairy, Rhuna, Uggrok, Thoragok