In the mountains to the east, there are majestic beasts, with eyes that contain the power to bring people back to life. Arestes told us about his adventures finding them and failing to get any diamonds. He was determined to try again so he was looking for new people to join him. Our trek was grueling, we had to keep count of our food and wrap ourselves in fur, but it was broken up by interesting conversations in the light of a fire.

We found these beasts, huge beyond belief. We tried to talk to them, convince them to guide us to where their fallen were laid to rest. Yet we were only like insects to them. We then decided to take on the rear guard, Gronk would get on top of it and attempt to restrain it. The plan did not last long, as the beast charged toward me and trapped me in its step. Then, I decided to banish it while we regrouped. After it came back, we were able to defeat it with Gronk taking all of the hits while Keira fed him her life force and Arestes healed her.

As we regrouped and started collecting diamonds, the other straggler noticed us and charged toward us. As I attempted to banish it once again, it drew on its grief for its fallen comrade and resisted, charging into Arestes and killing him. Fortunately, Keira could use the diamonds she had collected to bring him back to life. We managed to escape and were able to get more diamonds after all the diamentals had paid their respects for the one we felled.




Joplin, Keira, Arestes, Gronk