Gronk had been set a challenge by the Fey titled “The Huntress”. The task to slay the creature at the bottom of the jungle ruins. On their way to the cemetery of Brighthaven the party ran into a gnome who handed out pamphlets about Gnome discrimination. Reaching the cemetery, they found that the jungle had taken the remainder. A pair of groundskeepers were moving the last of the bodies to their new resting location. After a brief chat, the group left with the latest directions and a simple map to the entry of the ruins. Skirting the western side of the jungle the party made camp on the outskirts finding tracks of Giants near the campsite. In the morning, a ritual was cast which told the group that the jungle contained much powerful undead, but also an even more powerful fey called Annabell. There were also strong signs of influence from the far realm. After a half a day’s track through the jungle they reached the entrance to the ruins and entered through a small hole.
Encountering the “Spider Nation” they were promptly mistaken for food before friendly conversation was made and a quasi-alliance struck. Returning to the Corpse Flower level of the ruins they discovered it was empty of vegetable pygmies who seem to have been violently removed by “Gith” Luminous mushrooms and signs of the Underdark was all that was left. Following a downward spiraling stairway, the Party reached the bottom of the ruins where they were beset by hordes of zombies.
Realizing this was not a fight they could win they ran further into the depth of what seemed to be part of the Underdark. Along the way, they were accosted by mental communication from an entity who seemed to be watching them and who was interested in magic. The party finally reached the final room and saw that this voice belonged to an Alhoon (undead Mindflayer). The zombie horde hot on their heels the party decided to slay this creature before the horde could reach them. In a race against time and the powerful psionics of the Alhoon, the party was victorious and the zombie hordes fell with their master.
Disturbing correspondence was found indicating that somewhere further in the Underdark Illithidliches lived who were looking into the secrets of immortality. They also found a map to the sprawling Underdark underneath the ruins.
Gronk, Alynora, Loise, Staphod, Justin