Hello My Unicorn Goddess, It's me Smudge. I just wanted to thank you kindly for that little clue you gave me while figuring out what those tinfoil hat-wearing Kobolds were up to. The Adventurer's Guild had sent us through the long-forgotten water system of the old city of hope towards a colony of Kobolds who had been printing and distributing all sorts of fake news to Brighthaven. Some were spreading misinformation that Gnomes were being discriminated against and it was most disconcerting! On the other hand, we also found that they were spreading news that Gnomes are fearsome and evil. I'd never heard nonsense like it! Have you? No surely not, or you wouldn't share your divine light with me as you do. 

It turns out the sewers were full of fantastical spores, nasty traps and mimic constructs! We found out later that the Mimics had been planted there by an old Elf neighbour of the Kobolds, Agneta von Stein who was actually farming the little Kobolds for some strange concoctions that were 'classified'... she definitely seemed from the Empire! So she was taking the Kobolds, including the brother of a small one we found crying in the network of tunnels, Teppo. He didn't like me very much at all and seemed to hate Gnomes, but Krikil persuaded him to take us to his colony. They were having a whale of a time! The fantastical spores were being scraped off the walls by Flail snails who also lit the caves with dancing lights - and they would rave away all day long wearing their tin hats to protect them from something called 'radiation'... have you ever heard of such a thing? It sounds dangerous. The spores were a right trip though! I wish I could have taken some home with me, it was a lovely feeling so close to you after inhaling them.

Also, the Kobolds are looking for someone to come resurrect their Blue Party Dragon, of which the bones lie in the centre of their cave... We should probably get someone to look into that as these Kobolds were promised by some a group of Rat People (apparently the same colour as Aura) and a half-elf or human, that they would send a necromancer to raise this dragon from the dead if the Kobolds would print any and all of the propaganda they bring every 2 weeks. The propaganda they were having printed first came to them in a really poor form with spelling errors akin to poorly deciphered texts... perhaps the Empire was using these Rat People as a go-between? 

Anyway, back to the crazy Elf lady... she was wearing a strange golden brooch that she said was gifted to her as she graduated as an Alchemist. We saw a similar broach on an Elven lady in fine robes at the Adventurer's Guild, maybe she knows of this woman? She was very convincing at first, even Killian was warming up to her, but it soon became clear that she was a bad egg. She said that Brighthaven is under imminent threat by the Empire! She alluded to needing only 4 more weeks. We think she had been using the Kobold bodies to make something bad that the empire could use against us. We barely escaped with our lives after realising that she had not only a home full of Mimics but her WHOLE HOUSE was a Mimic! 

It was a crazy adventure to be sure, and plenty more to unpack with this one. 

Thanks for being with me through the darkest of days, 





Smudge, Krikil, Killian, Aura & Argoz