Dear mom,

I know our situation is a bit weird, with you being there, and me being... well, here, and also that you won't read this letter until I give it to you, but it really helps me come to terms with things.

Anyway, today has been a great day for mimics all throughout this East Marches thing! I traveled with a group of people I hadn't really met, except for Nebron!!!! That guy you also met!!!! Anyway, there was also this girl Smudge, a gnome. She was kinda sweet, but a little scared when it came to mimics. I was also with another elf, Toca she calls herself (it's short for something I can't pronounce, non-drow names are weird!) and she's my new best friend! There's also this guy Arestes, he looks really old, but he's actually younger than me, funny how that is with humans!

Anyway, we set out to find a man called Mr. Brightsmile. Apparently, he knows a lot about mimics. Perfect opportunity to get a figure of authority to tell us that mimics are NOT dangerous!

We set out from the city to this place called Arystoren, and then we headed north. There was this strange tower, and Arestes decided to go in like a spider (I almost crushed him for a second, I thought Loth had come for us, but...), and he opened the door for us. There was this even older man, I wonder if all old humans know each other as all old drow do.

Soooo then we entered, and he had a chair for a mimic!!!! She was soooo cute! I gave her a hug, and told Toca and Smudge to hug her also (Smudge was afraid. I wonder if a mimic killed her family or something). Mr. Brightsmile said that two cultists had taken residence on the higher floors of his tower and had barred access to his workshop, and he wanted us to clear them out, so he could create mimics again. (Oh yeah, apparently there are two kinds of mimics: one that is born, like any animal (because Mimics are NOT monsters!!) and one that is built. Super strange and Super interesting!).

Anyway, we did just that. We went upstairs and there was this complete arsehole tool who was abusing these book mimics! Nebron almost blasted one of them, but thankfully it was immune! It just needed to go into the bookshelf. So we did that. Arestes summoned two giant giggly dogs/cats who helped shelf the books and helped attack this Crossed out words of a man. Toca also helped shelf one of the books, and Smudge started blasting as well. Then I delivered the knockout kick, and swung him over the bookcase, it was soooo epic!

Then we had to go one more floor up, and there was another one of them, no mimics this time, thank Eilistraee! Soooo we fought him as well and then that.... Arestes summoned a bunch of snakes!!!!! oooh, how I hated it!

Anyway, there was also this rumbarrel, and I thought to use it, so I stood on it and made it fall. Didn't do anything though, and the stench was awful, but.... oh well. he got killed by snakes, I felt so bad for him!

After that, Mr. Brightsmile was quite happy with the work we had done. He offered to make a mimic for us! I got a stuffed mimic that looks like a stuffed mimic but is actually a mimic (still don't know what to name him) and the others got some stuff too. We went home, and I set up my merchandise line for RfM (Rights for Mimics).

bye, mom!

Love, Phyr!




Arestes, Nebron, Phyr, Smudge, Toca