To my sweet Grybierd,

Oh, my dear sister, where to start! See, the other day we were having our walk, yes, and there is this cavern up north. We were feeling a bit feisty with Gustav and decided to explore, my sweet baby went first and the entrance collapsed on us! We got separate yes … My leg was so hurt oh so hurt!

I sent a request for help, you know, to the village, the adventurer’s place, so they’ll save my poor cub. 

 4 of them came if you can believe it ! 4 adventurers to retrieve my poor baby! Some were quite big, yes yes, very strong. One was kind oh so kind, he offered to heal my leg yes! But you know how I feel about these magic tricks … bones only get stronger if they heal themselves!  I gave them a bit of Honey Snacks, some for them, some for Gustav, oh my angel, must have been so hungry … 

Then, I don’t know. Well, I was not there! But Gustav told me oh yes. See, he was hiding in the depth of the cavern! Then he heard them come, and he was so scared, and hungry and he attacked them!  Oh I was embarrassed when he told me … can you believe it, they come to help and he attacks. It’s been a while since you’ve seen him, but he has become quite big my baby! About 15 feet tall you know. 

The big guy, he was an orc you see, managed to calm him down with a sweet hug so it was all good.

But then, some bandits had planned an ambush outside? Can you believe, oh these woods are not safe anymore? Well, Gustav told me, the adventurers were fierce and capable, he helped a bit, yes, to get rid of the vermin. 

Well and then they came, oh I was so happy to retrieve my bear. I paid them of course. One of the big guys was curious about the cavern, but I sure as hell know nothing about it and will very much stay away from it!

I wish you well my sister, please visit sometime! I have a new recipe and I miss cooking with you!

Your very much injured sister, Preelb.




Charlie, Jonathan, Michel, Erhan