The party was sent to investigate strange goings on at a Circus outside of Williamsfield. On arrival the party investigated the circus area and noticed that the entire area had been consecrated. There were a few dozen people there all wearing masks, and all of them “not living”.

The party decided to accept an invitation to the show which turned out to be a bizarre spectacle glorifying death and murder in an artistic way. Unable to interfere in the spectacle the group was finally asked to the circus matt by the ringmaster Maximilian Cicero and promised a reward of information for participating. Accepting the challenge, the party fought a many headed Hydra with blood of acid. After a fierce fight the party called upon Maximilian to uphold his end of the bargain. Instead the ringmaster called forth Maelwyn of the House of Vengance and Witch Knight to the King of Winter Court who had a personal score to settle with Gronk. After a short and rather one sided fight the Witch Knight knocked Gronk unconscious and took her vengeance by marking Gronk with fey magic.

After getting satisfaction the Witch Knight started answering questions and took the party to the winter realm where they found Loise’s husband Micah. The party discovered many things while talking with the Witch Knight. The Witch Li which was recently vanquished had 2 sisters who were working to bring her back. These sisters are responsible for burning down and desecrating Alynora’s Grove as well as stealing Loise’s child. Micah in a bid to become more powerful to save their child was deceived by the God Drosan and released a plague monster which killed Gronks tribe. Drosan then collected the souls of Gronks tribe for yet unknown nefarious purposes. Alynora spent some time after with the Witch Knight and came back with a strange staff and a vengeful look in her eyes.  Many answers were had, yet more questions remain, and the party found that there were many more deeds ahead of them.




Loise, Bogey, Elise, Alynora, Gronk

Bonus: Gronks Diary

Dear diary,

Gronk did magics again..

Gronk should not be able to do magics! but as Gronk writes this it is snowing on Gronk’s head and Gronk is not outside. But Gronk is getting ahead of himself and Gronk should start at the beginning. Several days ago Gronk accepted a job from the Adventurers guild to go to some evil circus to investigate and maybe bash some evil thing. Gronk accepted the task to help friend Loise look for information on her Husband who has been missing. Joining Gronk were friend Alynora, friend Elise and friend Bogey.

It was good traveling with friends to Willemsfield. Gronk and friend Loise are not sneaky and so waited at camp while the rest snuck off to investigate. They came back with disturbing news that everyone in circus wears strange animal masks and that they are all dead. To fortify herself friend Elise drank some of Bogey’s brew. Friend Elise misjudged it’s strength since she was walking slightly funny for some time.  After walking over to the circus Gronk & friends were given masks and invited inside to watch the show. Gronk did not enjoy the show. The first act was a lady jumping from a high place and another throwing a rowing a rod pinning her to a pole much like those knife throwers do with fruit.. the 2nd act was not much better. Patrons kept talking about art and death and murder, but Gronk didn’t understand what they were talking about. Then ringleader named Maximilian cam out and invited us on stage. Gronk had a bad feeling about it, but by that point Gronk was angry. On stage Maximilian told us that if we participated we would get answers about many things including Loise’s husband whom we found out is called Micah. So Gronk & friends got ready to fight. In a puff of smoke a huge Hydra with many heads appeared in the middle of the arena. Gronk’s mouth was wide open for a moment but Loise jumped right at it and cut it with her two swords.

Gronk was impressed! But as friend Loise cut the hydra green vile blood spurted out of it and hit Loise in the face. Gronk could see he Loise’s mask starting to bubble and melt and knew that the blood was bad. Friend Bogey then jumped forward and cast a spell with his mighty Bong which made everyone feel much stronger. Gronk then ran in and with Gronk’s big axe cut a head right off which made Gronk very happy even though the blood also burned Gronk. But Gronk’s happiness was short because just moments later two heads grew back! Friend Alynora tried to blind the Hydra, but with so many heads the spell did not work. Working together Gronk and friends slew the acid hydra but Gronk must admit the Hydra almost had him. When it came time for the reward though Ringmaster Maximilian called forth the a large dark figure. Gronk’s gut sank and blood curdled as soon as the figure came into sight.

Last time Gronk had seen Witch Knight Maelwyn Gronk had bested her in a wrestling match and she had promised vengeance on Gronk. Witch Knight Maelwyn looked very different from last time Gronk had seen her. She was massively large, dressed in pitch black armor and stared directly at Gronk with vengeance in her eyes. Friend Bogey taunted her some more which made Gronk even more uneasy and her challenge came as no surprise. Gronk being the brave half-orc that he is accepted, and a fierce battle started. Gronk to his shame was no match for the Witch Knight and was soon knocked unconscious.

When Gronk woke his head hurt very badly and Gronks friends let him know that he had some glowing spots on his forehead. Turning to the others the Witch Knight started answering questions. Friend Loise was first to ask about her husband Mica. As a response the Witch Knight created a portal to an area with a winter lake and bodies frozen in ice. Micah appeared and Gronk almost shed a tear seeing Loise and Micah reunite. Micah told us that he was working for Drosan to gain power. When Gronk asked Witch Knight Maelwyn about the tribe, Micah turned pale. He confessed to Gronk that he was responsible for releasing a plague beast in the mountains for Drosan but did not know Gronk’s tribe was there. Witch Knight Maelwyn said that Drosan was collecting souls and that Gronks tribe may be in Drosans realm. Gronk understood that Micah did what he did to gain power to save his child from one of the sisters of the Witch Li.

Friend Alynora also found out that another of these Li Sisters was responsible for burning down her grove. When friend Alynora heard this her eyes burned with fire and later she went off with Knight Witch Maelwyn to learn more about the ways of vengeance. BY that time Gronk’s head was hurting from all of the things we’ve heard and Gronk and friends were returned by the Witch Knight along with Micah. After returning Gronk had more and more headaches and strange things started to happen around Gronk. The Witch Knight Maelwyn must have done something to Gronk and now it appears Gronk can do Magics…