The adventurers are tasked to investigate the sudden appearance of Necrostad, a huge floating city inhabited by thousands of undead including vampires. The city is ruled by Duchess Nordam and since its appearance there have been incursions of fiendish and undead beings. Necrostad has teleported into the region between Arystoren and the River Clyde and has been floating into a north-west direction from there.


During the journey towards the city Graves' eyes are replaced with hematite gems. A higher power seems to be involved. Spooks is worried for his friend, but Graves appears to embrace this change. The land around the city is overgrown with brambles. Cheddar starts to see shadows creeping up on him. The group advances until they are ambushed by worm-infested undead. They are dispatched but a worm burrows into Javenna's body and is killing her from inside. The party tries to help but to no avail until Javenna casts a restoration spell on herself.


Closer to the city they shoot and capture an incubus who claims he was sent on behalf of the Duchess to invite them into the city. The incubus is a charming guy and Javenna seems to trust him. The party is taken to the city castle where they meet with the Duchess and her council. They are interested in our lands and are looking to become a permanent and peaceful neighbor, with diplomatic ties and trade relationships. A good time is had until a messenger reports of a hostile invasion of the city. The Duchess accuses the party at first but is convinced by Javenna that the party had nothing to do with it. She decides this is an opportunity for the adventurers to prove their worth and they are escorted to the location of the breach.


The party finds a group of eight skeletal minotaurs attacking the citizens in a town square. The combined firepower of Graves, Jiann and Cheddar, supported by Faerie Fire and Holy Weapon spells from Javenna and Spooks, makes short work of the minotaurs. To the party's surprise, the minotaurs' skulls group together and form a floating sphere capable of shooting many magical rays at them. Damaging the sphere causes skulls to separate from it, which then attack by themselves. As the fight continues, most of the party falls victim to the rays. Javenna is frightened, Cheddar asleep, Graves paralyzed and Spooks grappled by the sphere. Jiann is blinking in and out of existence and manages to avoid the rays. He releases a large cloud of insects from his staff which makes the sphere unable to see its targets. The party recovers and with combined efforts takes down the enemies.


The party is cheered and celebrated by the townspeople, and rewarded by the Duchess. They stay for dinner before making their way back to Brighthaven, bringing along emissaries of the Duchess to start the diplomatic process. Among them is one who expresses the desire to remain in Brighthaven to become an adventurer.





Spooks, Graves, Javenna, Jiann and Cheddar