Hei Mum!

I wuz at dis bilding plaes de other dae, and dere was dis kontrekt paper sajing dere were tjildren kadnip kitnapt taken (I fink). I was wif dis guy wif horns, a elf girl and anothr elf girl, dough she said she was half-elf or something.

So we wur going to dis plees, I dont member de name, but der was dis guy, seeing his kidz were missing, in de Wudz. So we went into de wudz and found treeplaes in tree. We den found a caef, and we wur amb atteked bullied by a bunch of weird loking elfs. Dont know wut deir problem was.

eniwei, we also found big ugly guy who was sleepin, so de oders talkt 'bout how to kill him real loud, so big ugly guy woke up. He angry, my cute eies didnt work on him. So I tied his shuleses feetstrings togeder and he tript! Den, guy wif horns held im on the floor, while half elf girl sleshed at him. His arm fell of, and his leg did 2. I wanted to trow spikie balls in his mouf, but he didnt want it. Den I tried to put candle in his mouf, but he didnt like that also. So I got angrie and sleshed at him. 

He bullied me and half elf girl into pain, so I bullied him back. He is asleep now, I lit a candle by his head, so he has lait when he waeks.

Der were also spoders, dey were reallie skery, but I faut made dem skered wif my candles!

Den we found tjests and opent dem. Lots of gold, but no candles eniwei, we den found dis skwid guy, and elf girl said we should run. I wasnt heving fun eniwei, so I went with dem.

Elf girl gaev me candle, I laik her. I gaev guy wif horns a prettie candle, I fink he laiks me 2. Half elf girl...

Eniwei, I maed sure evry1 nows Im kenku now!

Luv u Mum!




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