This mission was based on a fairly unreliable rumor. however, it quickly became apparent that in wasn't false. What we found in the forest was a clearing and in it's center, the little green bag. Surrounding the bag was a group of kobolds. Some of which were flying with their own wings while others were riding on the back of a Quetzalcoatlus (a flying giraffe-shaped dinosaur). All were definitely high on something. Sadly, this green bag turned out to be an illusion and a giant hole opened up swallowing part of the kobolds.

After climbing down, we encountered some spiders which gronk smashed. We even encountered a smaller spider which was able to talk and led us through a back way to a giant cavern. The spider also told us that the owner of the green bag was a wizard controlling an underground village nearby. In the cavern we spotted the missing kobolds which had been captured by a group of Vegepygmys. The village was also surrounded by a dozen large walking flowers, which seemed to be digging through the ground looking for something. 

We tried to circumvent them but weren't able to. After a tough fight with one, we knew we had to come up with a better plan to free the kobolds and secure the little green bag. This is were we enlisted the help of a Quetzalcoatlus riding kobold. After doubling it's speed we rode  the dinosaur into battle and managed to successfully grab the wizard and drop him outside the Vegepygmy village where we set up a trap to defeat him and secured the package. Much to my surprise, this actually worked out perfectly!

After we had the little green bag in our possession we learned that the green bag contained seeds that grow into the large corpse flowers circling the village. The Vegepygmys also told us that these flowers feed on corpses (which the wizard was feeding them) and are the source of the unnatural fast growth of the forest on the surface.




Gronk, Eleonora, Toca, Margery and Flo