The Brighthaven Gazette


From our crime correspondent Faustus Fastpen

Locals may have suspected PIRATES, KOBOLDS or even the DROW to have been abducting our precious Brighthaven youth, LARGO has confirmed the actual culprit was the POTIONMAKER, who is now in our fine police force custody. In a short statement, LARGO thanked several adventurers from the ADVENTURERS GUILD for their help solving these cases. Sources confirm that the KOBOLDS responsible for stealing experimental potions from the POTIONSMAKER’s shop had stumbled upon one ABDUCTED CHILD and decided to take the child and potions to their hideout. When the ADVENTURERS where sent out to retrieve the potions, they found the CHILD as well. What a lucky coincidence!

Your CORRESPONDENT (That’s ME, FAUSTUS FASTPEN) also managed to find out that these KOBOLDS may be up to no good. A copy of the ADVENTURERS mission report that was anonymously sold to your CORRESPONDENT by a POLICE OFFICER reveals that these KOBOLDS have been in possesion of a machine that shoots lightning. This machine had been used by at least one KOBOLD pretending to be a DRAGON. In actuality, after defeating several KOBOLDS, the ADVENTURERS found a large excavation site, containing the bones of a REAL DRAGON. The report mentions almost a HUNDRED KOBOLDS working on excavating these bones. They are planning to resurrect this ADULT BLUE DRAGON. The ADVENTURERS GUILD declined to comment on the question by your CORRESPONDENT if there are any interventions planned to stop these KOBOLDS from reaching their goal. If you see a ADULT BLUE DRAGON, contact the Brighthaven Gazette immediatly. Detailed reports will be rewarded with a free one year long subscription!




Argoz, Justin, Loise, Nerai, Phyr