In this mission, our goal was to safely deliver a statue across the sea and install in at Tirthin’s Shrine. As we later learned, is was a tongue of a larger statue of a person with a beard and bare breasts, and it is related to some deity of seas AND fertility.

First, me (Syllin), Flo, Garr and Gronk have been briefed about our task by an elegant half-elf who introduced himself as Alstaer and Skopsbrok, a half-naked gnome architect. As we’ve been invited into his working studio, it appeared that fertility was his dominating style theme. After a short introduction into our task, Skopsbrok gave us 75 gp each upfront to ensure the safety of his statue on its way across the sea. We have also learned that significantly fewer ships leaving and arriving Brighthaven Bay have reached their destination recently, so, perhaps, Skopsbrok had a solid reason to hire a security escort.

The next day, we’ve set off on a ship with the statue, which was now disassembled for the ease of transportation, having 5 or 6 days of travel ahead of us. The first day went peacefully. At the dusk, captain Alstaer, who’s apparently keen to drink and gamble, spoke to each of us briefly. I’ve learned from him that there is some dodgy priestess skilled with magic, who might cause us some trouble. However, I did not get the chance to see for myself, as the next morning we found one of the reasons for the disappearing ships.

...A large pirate ship showed up and started firing at us with a mangonel. But they chose a wrong target to mess with! First, Flo, who found Alstaer’s way of gambling boring, offered a bet that he will take down that ship in one move. Then he flew to the point right above it, turned into a giant sperm whale and dropped down on that cockleboat. Unfortunately, the pirates turned out to be quite determined, and instead of rushing to their lifeboats, they just kept on going after our ship, repairing their own as much as they could. A naval battle ensued. Flo continued smashing the pirate ship as a giant whale, Garr loaded himself into one of our own trebuchets and launched himself fearlessly across the air towards the pirate ship. Unfortunately, he missed, but the pirates repairing the boat were quite intimidated by a shark with a colorful fin, which was, of course, just Garr in his party hat. Meanwhile, I flew towards the pirate ship, and Gronk stayed to defend our own ship. This proved crucial, because pirates' navigator kenku was a mage who has summoned some evil water spirit, let alone some pirates boarding our ship.

The battle ended with kenku and the bugbear captain dead (Garr got carried away), a number of pirates cleaved in half by Gronk and Garr, and the rest of them taken prisoners, including a first mate tabaxi with quite a subordinating voice. Unfortunately, we got a little bit carried away and our own ship has taken some decent damage from their mangonels, so we had to turn back to repair our ship before sailing off again. On a positive note, the statue remained unharmed, and we found some great loot, especially kenku’s SPELL BOOK! I am almost considering making it a habit. On top of that, we have learned that these pirates were actually on their way to raid the Turtle village, we have found a very detailed plan of their attack among the loot. 

I am sure that once we repair our ship, we will reach Tirthin’s shrine and install the statue tongue.




Syllin, Gronk, Garr, Flo