Idelisa Leigh is one of the kids rescued from Li (or was she …?), that Elise & Loise swore to reunite with her family. With a group of adventurers, they are making their way towards Bremburg, a small harbor town south of Willemsfield. 

After 4 days of travel with the quiet kid, sails and masts of boats are in sight.

The reunion of Idelisa with her brother Niels brings joy to the group, but as Elise is interrogating the little girl’s mother (how could she sell her own daughter??), a sound of destruction resonates in the town. A giant turtle is emerging from the harbor, engulfing the docked ships. Screams of pains can be heard and then a terrifying roar. A black dragon has taken a spot of the church's bell and green drool is coming from its mouth. The tortle is blasting blurbs of fire and is destroying the small town. The group also notices pirates in the town, taking part in this ferocious attack.

Everyone decides to escape in direction of the caverns near the harbor, with Idelisa’s family. 

During the escape, Niels gets crushed by one of the fire balls, and as Idelisa hold her dead brother, her appearance changes for a fraction of second … and Niels opens his eyes, back to life.

At the caverns, the survivors and the group are being  cornered by a horde of pirates. Phyr and Latrodecta manage to take some of them down, but being outnumbered, they chose to flee with the rest of the survivors inside the caverns, only to find themselves trapped, as the main entrance collapses on them.

“The water will rise soon” warns them a townfolk. The group leads the way in search of an exit. Close to what appears to be the sea, in a vast room full of skeletons, deads arise as Sylvar tries to loot a shiny armor. After defeating them, everyone manages to make their way out of the cavern, only to see devastation and flames in town, a dragon flying in the direction of Willemsfield ...




Elise, Loise, Sylvar's, Phyr & Latrodecta