Journal of Justin, formerly the 8th Baron of Borbonne

Entry 16

My day started in the Black Clover Inn, having already started there, having been two bottles of whiskey deep from the night before to free my mind from the absolute stress of being an failure in my exploration of the fine arts. Four other adventurers of Brighthaven came to meet this "Thugs and Bones". These are: Nahr; a wizard and a newcomer to Brighthaven, Narash; a barbarian-druid with a tendency of being the former of his description rather than the latter, Merry; a ranger of rashness as equal as Narash, and a bard simply known as K; who was a charming companion despite her tendency to convey one simple idea in a giant paragraph.

"Thugs" was a fascinating orc; definitely something I had never seen before in my life. Misleading as his nickname might be, he was not a pirate, but rather an excessively eccentric showman. Truth be told, my first impression of him made me think of an insecure teenager, which was what I thought he would be; an unproven, self-centred, self-absorbed, insecure orc who believes that he was better than his oppositions. Yet I had the impression that he believed in himself so much to the extent that he might be able to achieve his goals. Such goals of his involved a music band called the "Spirit Guardians", against which he was terribly biased. Our objective was to "beat up" the "Spirit Guardians", and to make his musical as fantastic as we could. This were to happen in a music festival called the "Super Roc Festival", and we stumbled upon the first sight of trouble almost immediately.

The following troubles include, but not limited to:

1. That we are not registered as a musical act - a trouble that was circumnavigated by K (a bard companion of this quest), who convinced a staff that she was a friend of the staff's superior.

2. That we are required lanyards to prove that we belong in this festival. I solved this problem myself by "kindly convincing" a staff member to give my group and I said lanyards.

But despite us having clever solutions for the roadblocks hindering our progress, more roadblocks found equally clever ways to get back at us.

I was never a man to face violence as a first choice, and my knowledge of the sorcerous arts are substantially made for subterfuge. Yet such a thing could not be said to my peers; who, upon their first encounter with scrimmage, dived themselves into a pandemonium of their own making. This took place a while until K and I managed to stop them from further scuffle, and form up a plan that did not involve bloodshed: A group of us stayed in Thugs' tent and impersonate as fortune teller, while K convinced the "Spirit Guardians" - a band group which I found to be one with opium/psychotropic drug addicts as its members - to visit the 'fortune teller', who would then convince the "Spirit Guardians" that bad things would happen in their performance, thus lowering their morale and therefore the quality of their overall performance. Our group would also - during their performance - undermine them by using our magical and persuasive abilities to get the audience to shun the "Spirit Guardians" to the extend that they ended up leaving early. This plan miraculously worked, much to the detriment of the "Spirit Guardians".

It was then Thugs' time to shine. On a 180 degrees turn to our previous actions, we used our abilities to further enhance Thugs' (admittedly) charismatic stage persona, and other than a few minor hindrances to his performance - all due to K's overenthusiasm and the sudden malfunction of her instrument - it went so well that we left the stage on a majestic applause. The day ended with each of us being 5 platinum pieces richer than before.

Thugs was an interesting specimen of a man; one of insurmountable charisma and confidence - the likes of which I have never seen before in even the most talented of bards. It's unknown whether personality is derived from his insecurities for not being - as he often put it himself - the most "gangsta" of "ganstas", or that it is simply who he is. Regardless, it was still a fascinating exploration of one's mind.




Justin, Nahr, K., Merry, Narash