Lucas’s adventure log #001

It’s been less then a week since I left my mother’s tower and reached Brighthaven. Thanks to the adventure guild I received a job to help escort replacement supplies to an inn near Adventurer’s Rest and to find out what happened to Gorick and the previous shipment that never arrived. The next morning I met Amarah, the merchant who will drive the cart and my party members.

First is Ashlyn, an female dwarven Cleric, in full armor. I never got a good view of her face since she always wore a helmet, but she was the most experienced adventurer of the group & helped me greatly during the final night. Next was Darragh a golden scaled kobold, who arrived from the empire and had a presence of nobility around him. My third new friend is named Narash. He is a tall, naturistic, yet surprisingly clean looking Aasimar Barbarian from the crimson foot clan. And lastly I met Josahn, a sensual, half elf with a tan skin. He arrived from a far and exotic land and uses his bardic charms in and out of combat. 

Day 1

We departed a bit later than planned as Josahn arrived a bit later than expected, but that gave me some more time to enquire the others about themselves. The first day was rather uneventful, until that faithful evening where I met my worst enemy. In my excitement for my first adventure I forgot to set up the Alarm spell and got ambushed by a Giant Toad. I almost died twice, but thankfully my new friends saved me and together we killed the beast. 

Day 2

After my near death experiences, I got consulted by my fellow adventures and they cheered me up. On second note, I also made a new friend (literally). I summoned a Northern Saw-Whet Owl named Sito as my familiar.

Day 3

On the third day, everything went south, but we managed to find the answers for which we were here.

We met some children on the road and Josahn, Narash and Darragh decided to talk to them. Through them we found out that a potion seller named Miss Salari Curns, was further up the road. We decided to talk to her, as she seemed to be the only adult of their group. She was really persistant that we stayed the night and eat some of her soup, but something felt wrong according to my friends. And it seemed that they were right. Miss Salari had met Golric earlier and since she was stuck by a Gnoll warband, she decided to drug him and give him to the gnolls. Giving one body every other night, meant that she had given away multiple children to the gnolls. As they would arrive again that same night, we decided to make a run for it. We were attacked by a couple of sentry gnolls, but the party easly dispatched of them. Except two, who seemed to be some type of advanced Kungfu Gnolls. Three of my friends finally managed to land some hits on of them, but Ashlynn and I weren’t as lucky with the magically asleep third Kungfu Master. We decided to scram, since the rest of the warband came to attack. After a night of driving we arrived at Ms. Mary’s Mistake and Josahn found out that the name came from the son of Ms. Mary, whose mother was a night maiden, who got payed for unprotected intercourse with a wealthy individual and sired him.

Narash told us he would like to get rid of this gnoll warband in the future, since they are destroying the balance of nature. Lucas said he is down to help. As for the others, they believe it’s too soon to make any plans and promises.




Ashlyn, Darragh, Josahn, Lucas & Narash