Yaargh matiess,

Today Captain Crimson Arkas Fury will tell you the tale of a fierce pirate battle.

Along with his crew; 

Toca the swift surgeon, who can heal anyone and anything;

Margery the prime quartermaster, master of all that can be learned;

Loise the blossoming bosun, nothing that she can't fix;

And of course my first mate Keira, loyal to the bone and more powerful than any muscle.

Together with our ships men we set out to prevent an attack from pirates. After concurring enormous waves, floating through storms, and living the pirate's life... we found them. The pirates we've been looking for, with a ship bigger than twice our size and a flag that sheds fear in one's heart.

We braced ourselves, made a plan, and executed it fluently as a team. We managed to get the surprise on them and destroyed their helm and artillery weapons. Wanting to spare their lives as it seemed like we had the upper hand, they did not seem like ending this peacefully. Thus we decided to take them out by force. Jumping onto their ship everyone moved up in sync to take out their crew and deal with their captains, it turned out that their captains were all sharks (they looked the coolest). After knocking out one of the three sharks, the rest started to shiver and beg for their lives, as they finally realized how dangerous the crew of captain Crimson Arkas Fury is. 

We apprehended the pirates and claimed their booty (and their ship). 

The villains were stopped and the day was saved. At last, the crew split up, but their reunion... maybe sooner than you think.




Toca, Margery, Loise, Keira & Arkas