The Winter Courts Fey Huntress lady Maerowynna of the house of Pride was spotted in the City of Hope Cemetery Jungle and Gronk requested help in finding this illusive and powerful huntress.

On the way to the cemetery the party found out that there are rumors of pirates near bright haven. The most feared of them is called Purplebeard who intimidates his prey from the deck of his ship “Serpent“.

At the cemetery they spoke with a young caretaker who told them that there was a sighting near a tomb with angel statues close by. The party followed the purple markers to the tomb where they were ambushed by crocodiles who had the uncanny ability to blend into the water.

It seems that something could be made from these reflective hides, but a craftsman would need to be found who is capable of working with these precious materials. After a brief investigation of the tomb which revealed that something may have escaped there some time ago the party found the trail of the huntress. This lead them to two monstrous frog like fiends who had somehow knocked the huntress unconscious. After a vicious battle the party was victorious. Well rewarded by the huntress in knowledge and items Gronk received the challenge to best the beast at the bottom of one of the ruins in the Jungle and return it’s head to the Huntress at the Winter Court.


Peter (Arestes)


Gronk, Alynora, Justin, Argos and Callie