Stormboy is in panic : the cutest Koala knows something is wrong with the rum supply and asks for help. Without rum, pirates are doomed! He led us to Orian Deadbeard, who knows about the whereabouts of the main suspect : Purple Beard.

Orian provides the group with details on a secret entrance to the Captain’s lair. On his way out, Argoz hears a couple of pirates mentioning how their captain was going there for parler but has not been seen since …

The secret entrance led us to a series of puzzles, to the delight of Callie.

Kevin & Razzul, a couple of orcs, explained a tragedy occurred a few moments ago : Purple Beard had poisoned the drinks of each captain he had invited, breaking the pirate’s code! It was a bloodbath.

Focusing first on the mission, the adventurers explored the vault, defeated 2 goblins and a living keg. A final puzzle led the group to a chest full of gold, containing the Pirate’s Lord Hat and a letter, which answered the question asked by the guild : vendors all across the world agreed to only sell the precious liquid to Purple Beard.

By activating a lever, tons of rum started to fill the room … the rum was indeed gone.

It became clear to us that we had to investigate more about the evilness of Purple Beard. Lucas, sending his owl to scout the lair, was the first to discover the horrible scene : Purple Beard was becoming a Shadow Demon. We started to run : this ritual had to be stopped.

Which we did.

By slaughtering the pirate.

In the room after the battle, the group found the second part of a letter found earlier Dear victor, I am doing the immortality ritual as we speak. I have captured the traitor of the orbs have been found and released. The key parts are missing

Stormboy the Koala was kindly asked to become the new Pirate Lord, as he was fair and able to lead a crew, as this mission had proven.





Callie, Lucas, Argos, Churm & Perraps