It is weird enough being invited to an island full of pirates, but what we actually found was maybe even weirder. It was a fully tropical island, a big change from the cold weather on the main continent. Upon arrival we were kindly greeted and asked to partake in a variety of games, gamble some money and eat a quite delicious assortment of fruit and other dishes.

We were even told there would be a final game to close the event, that would allow us to win back the entire stock of supplies they had stolen over the past season! Exactly the reason we had been send here on our mission in the first place!

The only rules, the first mate told us, were to not intentionally harm anyone and only take what is rightfully won.

It took a while but we decided to lower our guard. We “fought” a giant mantis scrimp (and when I say fought, I mean it mostly fought us), placed bets on coconut crabs fighting each other in a combat arena (Smudge even won the crab she bet on! Tactician Tina will be a great addition to any future adventuring party!), played a game of ‘who is the stowaway’ in a weirdly futuristic-looking ship on a hill closeby, and partook in a quiz about pirate knowledge (which was actually quite informative). We even won some prices!

Then the alarms rang for the final game. We signed up, with team captain ‘Fancybolt’ (Darragh). He was the only one of us who had a pirate hat. (Don’t ask me why, I wouldn’t know) The goal was to get back to the camp and rang the bell after being shot from a canon(!) in a really big barrel to the other side of the island somewhere! To get the supplies back, it was worth the shot.

Our journey led us through a swamp (past a really old lonely lady), cutting off another group (maybe a bit against the rules?), over a ravine (which we crossed reasonably quicky by tossing one of our smaller party members over with a rope), and towards the mountains.

There we decided to split up, one group going through the mountain tunnel, the other over. What happened in the tunnel I could not tell you, but during our track over the mountain we suddenly got teleported back to the camp, seeing our party members had rang the bell and won!

As victors, we got greeted by Captain Krimson the (Kriminal?) Kraken Killer, who just arrived in a most fascinating mechanical flying ship! He told us we honourably won back the supplies. It was a strange experience, entirely different from any dealings with pirates I have had before. However, the goods were loaded upon our ship, and we enjoyed the festivities as welcomed guests.

Apparently, a pirate’s word is truely to be trusted.

p.s. I am not sure if it’s the tiredness talking, but I am fairly sure when we departed, we saw the whole island rise up into the sky. Just like that. Also the island was a man, the part above water looking like a normal island but the part underwater being the rest of his head and body? And he could fly… Either these pirates were feeding us hallucinogenic fruits or I’m really losing my mind..

p.p.s. Make sure Smudge isn’t ever in a party with a hobgoblin because I’m afraid they will not live to tell the story (the hobgoblin I mean.)




Bogey, Darragh, Gronk Smudge, Loise