It often happens that we are sent out on missions with little information, but this time more so than ever. All we knew was that several ships had been attacked by Something after having gotten close to an unidentified ship. Whatever attacked these ships seemed to be purple in colour and have the ability to spit some kind of corrosive substance.

I was happy to find each of my party members to be long-time friends from the Guild. Trust and teamwork would not be an issue on this mission, of this I was assured as I was joined on our vessel by Luxassend, Javenna and Jiann. Jiann and Javenna seemed unusually reclusive, though this was not surprising considering the ordeals they have recently had to endure. I am only slightly surprised that they allowed Lux and myself aboard seeing as we blew up the last ship we boarded...

After some brief preparations, as well as supplying ourselves with several healing potions and a scroll of Water breathing, we set sail to the location of the previous attacks in hopes of encountering this mysterious enemy.

On our second day we finally saw it. A battle-worn ship flying a dull grey flag. Jiann sent his Imp Fiasco to investigate the ship before we got any closer. He was able to tell that there did not appear to be any crew aboard the ship, at least not on deck, before being shot out of the sky by what seemed to be a blast of water. Jiann spent some time to resummon his familiar as we prepared for battle. We sent most of our crew beneath the deck, apart from a select few to man the ballista’s that our vessel was outfitted with.

As the enemy ship moved into range of our spells, its hull opened up to reveal a gargantuan maw lined with razor-sharp teeth and a long tongue covered in sticky mucus. As I bent the skies to my will and summoned a lightning storm to assault the beast from above, Lux did the same in the from a Storm Sphere in the creature’s mouth while Jiann and Javenna hurled spell after spell at the creature. A creature appeared on the deck of the enemy ship, a Sahuagin, which summoned a whirlpool next to our ship, attempting to slowly drag us into the dark depths before retreating back into the body of this strange ship creature.

We successfully dispelled the Whirpool, but several dozens of small Sahuagin had started to spawn from the enemy vessel and had begun to make their way to our ship. We would soon have been overwhelmed if not for the quick thinking of both Jiann and Javenna who summoned a horde of insects and turned themselves into a dinosaur to defend the ship with great success. It seems as though Lux had gained more control over his Wild Magic since last I saw him, but he still managed to unwillingly summon a Modron which added to our troubles. I had teleported onto the enemy vessel at this point, Jiann’s Imp on my shoulder, and made my way into the belly of the enemy ship where I found a large purple blob of fleshy matter that seemed to be the heart of the ship.

Jiann too made it onto the enemy ship and we started our assault on the heart, only to have all our attacks repelled by an invisible force. The now flying Lux and Javenna, still in the form of a Dinosaur, also made their way onto the enemy vessel. Javenna attacked the mouth and tongue of the ship, in hopes of saving our own vessel which was now slowly being torn apart by the creature’s giant maw, while Lux aided Jiann and I with our assault on the heart.

The heart seemed to have a mind of its own as it assaulted our minds with its strange powers while its fleshy tentacles tried to whip at us. We learned from Fiasco that this thing is referred to as a Brain Eater in the Nine Hells, imploring us to run while we still could. Sadly, running was no longer an option as our boat was no longer in any shape to make a hasty retreat. With Jiann’s quick wit and a few well aimed blasts of magic, Jiann figured out how to get past the invisible barrier and our real assault could finally begin. Lux, brimming with unrestrained magical power, managed to get the killing blow on the heart with a Fireball the likes of which I had never seen... or felt as I was unable to get out of the way of the blast. Luckily, Jiann has become an adept healer and was able to get everyone back on their feet.

With the heart gone, the large living ship and Sahuagin seemed to have fallen into a stupor. Whatever the blob was that we destroyed, it seemed to have been controlling all these creatures. Despite not being an immediate threat, and having been a victim of the Brain Eater, we had no choice but to put down the strange living ship. Leaving a creature like that alive would surely have caused trouble in the future. After finishing off the beast, we left a small rose made of ice floating at the point where the creature sank into the dark depths. I like to think that it’s still there...




Javenna, Jiann, Luxassend, Surge