The elusive Li needs to be put out. Who the hell does she think she is? Defying me? After meeting with Annabel in the ethereal plain, we had gathered enough clues on the mysterious soul eating lady that abducted kids back in Gundo’s hope. Li appeared to have become a hag, consumed in a quest for power. She gave us precious items, a stone supposed to help us track her throughout the dimensions, and a necklace, sensing her presence.

We made our way to Bremburg, where Idelisa lives. She was one of the kids abducted by Li, but she was … different from any other human child I’ve met. Her soul was pure, but she was able to practice the dark arts. And Li was again, coming for her.

On arrival at Idelisa's home, Dorin convinced her father to leave the house with the rest of the family, and to trust us to protect his daughter. He’s an incredible people person. I would have slit their throats, but Avia did not agree with that idea.

Sensing Li’s approaching, we only had a few minutes to put our perfect plan in motion : Avia & Callie would be in range of the windows of the bedrooms, ready to shoot at the hag, the child would be protected in a magic circle, disguised as a mountain dwarf, and I would mimic Idelisa’s appearance as Dorin & Ashlyn would hide in the rooms.

However, the plan majestically failed as Li, disguised as an old lady, immediately recognized her … daughter. “Mother?” called Idelisa, as they both disappeared after a few arrows were shot at Li.

We followed her in not one, but 2 dimensions, and finally put an end to her disgusting life. My face and body will be wearing the scars of that fateful day.

Idilesa was safe, but she did not look happy. After reuniting with her family, we learned the next day that she had fled.

It’s been a few weeks since these events. And today, I received this drawing, I know it’s from you, Idelisa. I … hope you are good. 




Avia, Dorin, Callie, Ashlyn & Latrodecta