Dear Diary,

Today I met up with Toca, Garr and Syllin again, and met a new friend in Arkas (who was the captain of our trip, as he was wearing the captain’s hat). Originally, the mission we were going to be on sounded very exciting: We were to crash a boat into the mothership of the pirates (who were being mean to innocent civilians, so it was ok).

The trip to get to the mothership was not so easy however. We first were engulved by a mysterious mist which attacked us. It was quite scary, but luckily captain Arkas knew what to do! He waited for the mist muffins (or that’s what Garr called them anyway) to attack, and then hit them back. Following that example, we were able to get rid of them without too much trouble… besides that they explode in your face when they die.

After that we took some time to rest. Garr told me a great deal about his deity Flosspia, who sounds like she is really cool! Before he could finish his story though, we were attacked by a group of Triton. This was not a big deal, as Garr heroically leaped out of our cabin and took most of them with a rainbow-powered javelin! Garr… he was not so fortunate on our next encounter. We suddenly heard beautiful singing and Garr was convinced that it was Flosspia calling to him. Before I could stop him, he swam out towards her and… with 3 kisses… his fate was sealed…

We were able to avenge him by taking out the evil siren responsible for his demise. After that we dedicated the mission in his name, giving us resolve not to fail! No pirate could stop us anymore, especially as Syllin bombarded their boats with fireballs. In the end, we managed to ram the mothership of the pirates and took it out, so our mission was a success! Still, I will miss Garr…


A few wet spots are on the bottom of the page




Syllin, Garr, Toca, Arkas, Elise